Sunday, 29 April 2012

how to deal with a crush ? hmm :)

okengg ~ korangkorang mesti ada crush kan ? susah nak confess ? nak tao cara tak ? jomjom ^^

  1. Get the right attitude
  2. Understand that it's going to take at least a bit of work to get there
  3. Communicate with the person
  4. Use body language, but don't overdo it
  5. Drop hints
  6. Be original with dates
  7. Know that the worst that can happen is that your crush says no
  8. If you realize after a while that you don't really want to go out with this person, you simply want to be friends, stop the flirting
  9. If you want to be secretive, just smile shyly at them whenever you see them
thats it ! nad ambil tips neh at wiki aje pon :D

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